Seasons. December Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. December Weather Girl Portrait.

So it is last month of the year and time for December Weather Girl. In December Finland  the weather may vary depending how north you are staying. While in Helsinki it may be plus temperatures and no snow in sight, in northern part of the Finland the frost freeze your nose and conditions are perfect for skiing. In Lapland the sky is flaming in northern lights.

Just before Christmas is the winter solstice, also known as midwinter. It is an astronomical phenomenon marking the day with the shortest period of daylight and the longest night of the year. After that moment we know we are moving towards brighter days.

* * *

In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.

This is the last weather girl portrait of the series. All 12 months is covered now. If you like to see the other girls click the tag ”seasons” below.


On the Street. Granny in Leopard Coat, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Granny in Leopard Coat.

I’m in love with the old grannies dressed up in leopard. Like this stunning fake fur leopard coat. This outfit makes an interesting clear form seen from distance.

This lady had all her accessories, hat, handbag and silk scarf tinted to off-white color tone. Each of these had some special texture or details. Soft furry surface in hat, golden details in handbag, violet and green flowery motifs in silk scarf. In this way the view nearby gives some extra interest.

By adding some details and texture, your outfit stays interesting whether it is seen from a distance or nearby.


On the Street. Relying on Wool in Winter, Kamppi, Helsinki.

On the Street. Relying on Wool in Winter, Kamppi, Helsinki.

That’s right. In wool I rely on. Whether it is lamb wool or alpaca wool it is the best friend in winter season. What a joy it is to have this kind of long coat made of proper wool fabric. Loose enough that it leaves space to warm up the air between the body and the coat. I especially like this color combo: dark mustard, jade green, lightweight pink and small dose of blue.

A welcome variation to numerous black outfits we see on Helsinki streets.


On the Street. Vuokko Wool Coat, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Vuokko Wool Coat.

In Kamppi bus terminal I stepped out of the bus and saw something bright blue with bold print hurrying in front of me. Of course I made my steps go with her pace and we had this conversation:

”Oh what a wonderful beautiful coat you have!”
”Oh, thanks.”
”Where did you find it?”
”Err, I bought it from UFF secondhand store.”
”Okay, but WHO has made it? It looks so special.”
”Oh, you mean that. It is VUOKKO.”
”There we go, no wonder it looks so great. I suggest you next time tell straight away it is Vuokko-coat and tell secondly that UFF-thing.”
”Yes, you are right. It is great that someone’s trash is another woman’s treasure.”

To you who don’t know Vuokko, it is the label of Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesniemi. She is the designer of the first Marimekko hits and later she created a label of her own. In one interview she said, among other things, that she believes in sustainable development. As a designer she works for continuity rather than trends. Vuokko is still working in the age of 86.

Vuokko has definitely succeeded in her ideas. Marimekko still uses her iconic designs, like Jokapoika -shirt (I have two) and Piccolo-pattern. Just to mention few evergreen items. And this bright blue wool coat was like new! I assume it is maybe originally from 80’s. Sustainable fashion it is, right.


Seasons. November Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. November Weather Girl Portrait.

Meet Miss November Weather Girl. If you ask me, November is the most challenging month in Finland. In southern Finland there is only 6 hours daylight and the higher to north you go the less light there is. In Lapland the sun doesn’t rise at all.

In addition there is rain in all forms, water, slush and snow. And the darkness. Did I mention the darkness? This mixture is affecting in people’s minds and in some cases even affecting winter blues. But then arrives a random bright day or a few hours of sunshine removing wrinkles between the eyes. Oh, life is good.

One strategy to meet November is simply decide to love it. About this point of view there is a previous post in Flash For Zonzon:
Seasons. November Blue Love Poem.

* * *

In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.

If you want to see the whole series click the tag ”seasons” below.


On the Street. Friend of Totoro, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Friend of Totoro, Kamppi, Helsinki.

At the moment looking for fab street style is a bit challenging in Helsinki. Now that November has shown it’s true nature, the snow has disappeared and all we have left is wet dark days. Personally I don’t mind that. I love grey and minimalist tones of color.

One night I was seeking a bus to ride home from town. Far away I saw a big, somehow familiar silhouette waiting for a bus as well. Is it a friend of Totoro waiting for a cat bus?


On the Street. Waiting for a Date, Railway Station, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Red Scarf as Highlight.

You know the feeling? When you are waiting for a date to arrive in your meeting point. When I saw this gentleman in Helsinki Railway Station I thought this was the case.  Standing aside from people in a hurry. Tidy and groomed. A bit nervous, looking around thinking, is it her? Or her? Code word is red scarf. She should recognize. This scene is like from Aki Kaurismäki’s film.


On the Street. November Black Swan, Railway Station, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style. November Black Swan.

Funny. In previous post I just mentioned the word winter and boom, there it comes rushing in second day of November. I admit, there is still a battle going on in my mind accepting the situation.

Let this wonderful black lady swan symbolize the change of season. November is dramatic month, dark, darker, darkest. There was a universe and planets print in her bag in the same colour scheme as her wild hair. Impressive.


Seasons. October Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. October Weather Girl Portrait.

May I introduce Miss October Weather Girl. October is time for big change in Finland. First the colours in nature start to lose green, revealing bright yellow, red and different shades of brown. Mornings are crisp and sky is more often grey than blue as October progresses.

At the end of October nearly all the tree leaves have fallen and remain naked tree trunks. It is fun to wade in the flood of fallen leaves. It is time to look for gloves, woolen scarf and cover head with something warm. The surrounding changes dramatically and the whole colour map changes muted. The mind settles down waiting for winter to arrive.

* * *

In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.

If you want to see the whole series click the tag ”seasons” below.


On the Street. Paper Cut Fall Look, HAM Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Paper Cut Fall Look.

 This paper cut lady was caring of a group of schoolchildren in front of HAM, Helsinki Art Museum. They have a marvelous Yayoi Kusama exhibition going right now until 22.1.2017. A lot of dots to fall in love with.

I like the boxlike upper body combined with narrow long skirt. Everything wool felt material that suits for the fall perfectly. In her feet my favorites, black men’s style brogue shoes. You know, again one more example how Finnish women prefer the ability to walk over femininity high heels. And it looks good!


For Fun. InkTober in Instagram.

Ink Lady
I noticed it is Inktober time. Ok, I love ink so I try to put some black spots to paper every day.

It is time for InkTober in Instagram. 31 days 31 drawings. The point is to draw something with ink every day in October. And post it in Instagram. There is a list of topics to be drawn but it is okay to draw whatever you like.

I like people and fashion so that is what it's gonna be in My case. Or that’s what I thought in the beginning, but from day 5 I started to follow the given prompt list. It is fun and challenging to find an angle to the given word.

Check The Official 2016 Inktober Prompt List >>

Here are the first nine days inky illustrations. The first one is up above.

Paul Smith

Inktober day 2.
I spotted this photogenic guy today in Paul Smith IG. Made a quick sketch of him.

Marc Jacobs FW 2016

Inktober day 3.
This is something about Mark Jacobs FW2016 fashion collection. Well, this time this girl seems to be a boy. But who cares. Very inspiring collection it is.

Big hair

Inktober day 4. 
Yesterday I visited an art supply store. The lady behind the cashier gave me an impulse to this character.


Inktober day 5, SAD.

Sad about the situation that women in Poland have. Polish lawmakers push on with near-total ban on abortion. Women should have right to self-determination including abortion.


Inktober day 6, HIDDEN.

Hidden in to the woods.


Inktober day 7, LOST.

Lost in a city of patterns.

Iggy Pop

Inktober day 8, ROCK.

Thinking about word rock the first image that comes in mind is Iggy Pop.

broken heel

Inktober day 9, BROKEN
What a bad luck, broken heel!

Follow @sanna_pyykko in IG and join me in the journey.


Seasons. September Weather Girl Portrait.

September is time to settle down to autumn season in Finland. No hassle, life starts to flow on it’s natural paths. The weather is not particular cold or warm. September gives pleasant sunny days that one can be thankful for. Oh, what a sunny day it is! On the mind’s back knocks the image of soon approaching darkness that is evident when autumn continues further.

But there is still time to enjoy pleasant outdoor life wandering in parks and woods on weekends, picking mushrooms, doing the last canoe trip of the season.

We even had an official ”sleep night outdoor” -day in September 17th in Finland. Suomen Latu − The Outdoor Association of Finland is the organisation behind the idea. The Sleep Night Outdoor -event pays attention to everyman's rights, which able everybody to enjoy the Finnish nature. You can sleep outdoors in a national park, at a camping site or even in your own yard, if you have one.

On social media the hashtag is #nukuyöulkona if you want to check how the event looks like in social media.

* * *

In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.

If you want to see the whole series click the tag ”seasons” below.


On the Street. Red Rubber Boots, Mannerheimintie, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Red Rubber Boots.

Once in Instagram someone commented about the fact, that Finnish women seem to prefer flat shoes instead high heels. That is true. Fortunately, the Finnish society does not place women expected value, how to dress.

Therefor there is great liberty if you like to walk in heels or flat shoes. Nobody cares. Most Finnish women apparently like the ability to move around freely without pain or other inconvenience. They choose flat shoes. Me too. I wear high heels less than once in a year.

This young lady leads the way in this path. Her brave red rubber boots are both practical and beautiful in rainy day in Helsinki City Center. She looks just lovely in her furry beret, jeans jacket and floral skirt.

I have heard, that women using flat shoes, isn’t the norm everywhere. In Great Britain a woman even must dress up in high heels if one wants to work for government positions. Correct me if I am wrong.

I think this is very odd. It is so old fashion to treat women as butterflies. Why make them suffer from day to day? I am sure that this regulation limits the number of qualified women to apply for those positions. At least it should not be the height of shoe heels that has any role in the work requirements.


On the Street. Paper Cut Cap Girl, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.

Street Style. Paper Cut Cap Girl, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki.

I was sitting in a car, when I saw this girl focused browsing her phone in the corner of Kable Factory. She was far away and only tiny little thing in horizon. But still, the colours and form of her outfit leaped to the eye and caused a wow-effect. The color combo; red, pink, orange and the humorous long visor in her cap put the smile on my face.

Because the only thing that stuck in my mind was the form and colour, the simplicity of paper cut tells best way the sight.


Draw a Dot. Iris van Herpen Haute Couture Fall 2016 Fashion Illustration.

Here is my submission to Draw A Dot Instagram open call to make an fashion illustration of Iris van Herpen Haute Couture fall 2016 collection.

My imagination connects Iris van Herpen fashion to submarine world. I could have picked any of the costumes and pair it to different submarine elements, like squid, corals, mussels, different species of fishes, fish fins, sea waves breakers and breathing bubbles.

This particular dress reminds me of Lionfish. The strange striped beauty. By the time I painted this I didn’t know the problems that the Lionfish is causing in the ecosystem nowadays. It is venomous and it has spread to large areas that it has not lived before. Therefor it changes the ecosystem in those new areas to unwanted direction.

What has this Lionfish to do in my Draw A Dot submission to draw Iris van Herpen Haute Couture fall 2016 fashion illustration? For the sake of it’s odd beauty. But now in this new light the thing is more complicated.

But Iris, believe me, I don’t mean by this, that your fashion creations have spread too wide. Please keep on imagining your wonderful 3D printed Haute Couture wonders.

* * *
More info about the situation in Mediterranean Sea. By Oceana.
Are Lionfish set for a Mediterranean invasion? 

Iris van Herpen website


Seasons. August Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. August Weather Girl Portrait.

Let me introduce you Miss August Weather Girl. Or should I say Lady. In August summer has matured to full age. The mindset is two-way. Feeling miserable because of the last moments of summer season, and on the other hand, eager to see what is behind the next corner. Holidays are over. Kids start the school again.

The weather turns variable. Sudden rain showers and next moment sun’s warming rays dry the puddles. The wind turns colder so a cardigan is a good companion. Just when you think it is the end of summer, August gives surprising consolation in the form of Indian Summer. That means warm evenings and plenty of sunshine.

Roses turn to rose hips. It is harvest time. Woods offers yellow gold in the form of chanterelles and apple trees and berry bushes are full of yield. It is busy time for the ones who like to save the taste of summer to freezer.

* * *
In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.

If you want to see the whole series click the tag ”seasons” below.


On the Street. Skinny Jeans Rules, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki.  Skinny Jeans Rules.

In Internet I have seen several headlines about how to style skinny jeans. I saw this young lady in the ferry between Helsinki and Tallinn. I suggest that a good pair to skinny jeans is to give some volume to upper body. Like here the jeans jacket with ripped sleeves combined with stonewashed skinny jeans.

Nowadays the high waist seems to have a comeback. I don’t blame on that. But the skinny jeans despite…feels like torture, I prefer loose ones. But for spaghetti legs it is a radiant option.

By the way, I was on my way to Tallinn Art Museum Kumu to see a wonderful exhibition about the fashions of Victorian Female Image and Fashion, costumes from approximately 1845–1900. Open until 30.10.2016. The dress code for ladies in that time didn’t give much liberty to move. The tight corset and wide crinolines made sure that women stayed in their position. The dominant emotion of the 19th century was melancholy. No wonder, having to wear these forms of torture in clothing.

The dresses are from Aleksandre Vassiliev Foundation. To my surprise Aleksandre in his person is in Instagram as well. He feels like a lovely person.


On the Street. Friendship Seals the Style, Kamppi Helsinki.

Street Syle Helsinki. Pleated skirts and graphic patterns.

Here we have a fine example how friendship seals the style. At least with lady friends under, say, 25 years. In this case pleated skirts, graphic patterns and color scheme of black and white spiced with mint and lavender.

Otherwise black and white patterns seem to be quite trendy now in Helsinki. At least when you visit museums and art exhibitions. The audience seems to dress up in graphic patterns.

With friends we are stronger. After summer holiday August is a fresh start. So let’s remember to support our close friends, classmates and work pals in their efforts. That’s a good beginning for a new semester and autumn season.


Seasons. July Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. July Weather Girl Portrait.

Well Hello July Weather Girl. It is time to enjoy the sunny days and the sun really feels hot-hot-hot. Many of us Finns have their summer vacation in July. it is time for new adventures, free time, meeting friends and distant relatives. People escape to summer cottages to enjoy the nature. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries ripen. July is the time to load batteries in the green woods and the thousand lake sides all over Finland.

In Finland each month has its own character and weather type. Four main seasons, but even each month has something of their own.


On the Street. One of a Kind Denim Dungarees, Forum Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. One of a Kind Denim Dungarees.

Shoe heels clatter was the first impression in Kukontori (Cock plaza) in Forum top flat. Cape-like coat when viewed from behind and wild hair upright. Interesting. What about the rest? Surreptitious glance at the front. Who owns the heels clatter like this? Wow, what a denim dungarees!  But I got an angry challenging gaze back. Okay, it’s better move forward…

But anyway, have you ever seen high trouser cuffs like this? I think his style is wonderfully original.


On the Street. Summer Straw Hat Man, Mannerheimintie Helsinki.

We have had some sunny warm days in Helsinki. I stress the word some, because we can count in one hands fingers the total amount of the summer days, when heart and soul is melting of the warmth of blessed sunshine. Therefor I think that the concept of summer clothes is more or less meaningless in Finland. If you own a summer dress it lasts your whole lifetime. Total amount of using the dress is still very little.

When a sunny warm day appears a good advise is to leave everything at once and run outside enjoy the rarity. Another thing in warm days is, that people start to look at each other. I mean, like what do we people look like when all the outer layers of clothing are away. In one of those days I spotted this summer man whose style was kind of nice.


Blue Coat Like Bill Cunningham

negative coat form on the sky

Sad news arrived. Early pioneer of street style photography, Bill Cunningham has died in 87 years of age. He had his own street style column in New York Times for 40 years. Bill Cunningham recognized the value of what people wore in their everyday life.

Bicycling with his camera in New York his outfit became his trademark: blue French worker’s jacket, khakis and sneakers. Simple and practical uniform that let him focus on the essential, style on the streets.

My billcunningham-coat

Few years ago I bought a blue blazer. Lightweight denim kind of fabric and straight simple cut. Every time I have used it I have thought of Bill Cunningham. This blue coat I have called my billcunningham-coat.

To me the blue coat of Bill Cunningham is a symbol of joy. Joy of marvellous people, joy of finding perfect forms of style on everyday people. No matter if they were celebrities or not. Style is the only thing that matters.

Under Helsinki Blue Sky

In this case his story and attitude has resonated to my feelings and views when walking under Helsinki City sky. On this far north side of Europe I keep spotting interesting styles that makes me smile eyes beamed. And later draw what I see.

Blue Sky – Sky Blue

Staring the blue sky is an act of joy. Stunning blue. Let me show you. I took this photo last October with phone. To be able to stare the blue sky whenever I need.

* * *

The good thing with Bill Cunningham, that we can be happy about, is that he lived a long apparently happy life with the ability to follow his passion to the last moment. That is not self for sure thing. 
To the good end I share two links to nice articles about Bill Cunningham.


Seasons. June Weather Girl Portrait.

May I present you Miss June in my Weather Girl portrait series. June is the first official summer month in Finland. High hopes is set for June. Like oooh, the warmth will come… and the sun will shine… picnics in the park… chilling outdoors… nature blooming… All of this is possible. But then, it may occur that the temperatures stay quite low and stormy rainy days is a norm.

It is a risky business to arrange an outdoor festival in June. Like last Saturday Helsinki Samba Carnaval had simply awful weather. Still the wet dancers were brave and did their performance in good spirit. And the loyal fan club like me with my daughters stood in the rain and strong wind enjoying the show. Wet and happy.

Capricious is June. Therefor this lady has a bit strict expression. Around her head is a flower wreath, woven with the natural flowers, which nature offers plenty. Birch wood frames the background.

* * *

This is already sixth in the Weather Girl portrait series. In Finland we have four main seasons, but even each month has a character of their own. By the end of the year we have all twelve sisters together. Here is a link to the Introduction of Weather Girl Portrait series, if you are interested.


On the Street. Floral Mens Shirt, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Lately on catwalks we have seen plenty of floral patterns on both women’s and menswear. Especially Gucci has led the way along this path. As you see in this illustration, some echoes of this trend is seen on Helsinki streets also. This fellow had nice mix with soft tinted floral pattern shirt that had hints of russet color. Cleverly he had the same accent russet brown on cap and sneakers also. What could be your favorite accent color?


Draw A Dot. Christopher Kane SS 2016 Fashion Illustration.

This lady is my submission for Draw A Dot Open Call to draw something from Christopher Kane SS 2016 collection. This time I chose to make paper cut illustration.

In Instagram you can check hashtag  #DrawADotChristopherKane to see all submissions.

The problem with me as illustrator seems to be that I always want to experiment with different materials and drawing techniques. I look at the subject and then decide what is the best fit to it. The negative side is that there is no signature style in my illustrations. But never mind, drawing should be fun. And sure it is!


On the Street. Captain Cap Trending, Kamppi, Helsinki.

It seems that the hat of this summer is captain cap. On a short stroll in city center yesterday I saw about ten persons with captain cap. And why not, combined with striped T-shirt, it feels like summer and salty sea. Style classics rules.

In summer we all sail in terms of holiday more or less. Sailing on leisure time and free thoughts, at least.

* * *
More about Captain Cap and the style corner stones in this post:
Captain Cap Makes the Style.


On the Street. Summery Red Dress, Lauttasaarentie, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Adwanced style Red Dress.

How joyful sight it is to see a senior lady walking down the street in a bright red classic dress skirts swaying. A dress like strawberry. Blooming like red geranium. It feels so summery!

I imagine that she is going to meet her friend and they drink some coffee together and tell stories and laugh like friends do. Oh, let’s all meet some friends and have some refreshing time at weekend!


Seasons. May Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. May Weather Girl Portrait.

It is weird. Often when May starts it is like magic. Suddenly days are warm, almost every day is sunny day, temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees warmer than last week. Fast adopters go in shorts and T-shirt when slower still uses down jackets. Flowers arise, blue Anemone Hepaticas, white Wood Anemones and Dandelions give joy. Here we have a May Weather Girl.


On the Street. Button Eyes, Kallio, Helsinki.

Helsinki Street Style. Button Eyes.

A while ago I watched a creepy children’s film Coraline. In this film there is a witch whose eyes are buttons and she wants to sew buttons also in place of Coraline-girl eyes. I don’t know how come the age limit is 7 in this film. I almost lost the good night sleep looking at it as an adult. But that’s another story…

Another day I visited an event of entrepreneurs. The name of the game is that it’s okay to start conversation with anyone you like. So, I had a nice little chat with this lady that is illustrated above. Tall slim appearance, dark lipstick, black clothing and those dark eyes that felt like buttons.

I can’t help it, when I meet someone this much interesting person, I must tell how I like their style. Like this time: Your style is fantastic. It reminds me the horrible witch from cartoon movie Coraline.

Well… err… I hope she understood it was a compliment.


Catwalk. Prada ss 2016 Fineliner Pen Illustrations.

Prada ss 2016 fashion illustration

In Instagram Draw A Dot challenge for April was to draw something of Prada SS 2016 collection. This time I took simple fineliner pens and just started drawing starting with a dot. No sketching, just  drawing. After all I didn't have time to send these to challenge. But I don't mind, drawing is always fun.

Prada ss 2016 fashion illustration.

In Instagram the hashtag is #drawadotprada to see all the submissions of the subject.


Seasons. April Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. April Weather Girl Portrait.

Let me present you Miss April in my Weather Girl portrait series. It comes a little late, but it’s all right because also spring has been late. In April the weather is very capricious in Finland. One day delightful moments in sunshine and the next day opposite, mist, rain and freezing wind is blowing in the collar. The last patches of snow melt and migratory birds return. The listening experience is filled with seagulls squall.

Here is a link to the Introduction of Weather Girl Portrait series.


On the Street. Brim Hat Look, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Brim Hat Look, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Here we go in an always pleasant looking monochromatic range of colors. Special attention to proportions in this case. Wide brim hat and loosely undulating pepper tweed coat. As opposed to thin legs sticking out from under tight miniskirt. Big white sneaker shoes is a fun endpoint that root this young lady steadily to the ground.


On the Street. Byzantine Surprise, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Streetstyle Helsinki. Byzantine Color Surprise.

Early one morning I was walking on empty street and saw far away someone walking towards me. When the distance declined the feeling started to be that I watched a model walking in catwalk dressed in totally black outfit. But then nearby she offered a surprise. However, it wasn’t black. Dark tones yes, but more like byzantine theme; prussian blue, dark purple and a true surprise, green hair.


On the Street. Long Shirt with Bomber Jacket, Helsinki.

Helsinki Streetstyle. Long Shirt with Bomber Jacket.

Yesterday I saw this guy walking in front of Ateneum Art Museum. I like the idea of a bomber jacket combined with a long shirt. Small details like rolled pant legs and rolled beanie seal the style. Though, still all black. Wait a sec, soon the increasing amount of light affect people and they start longing for something else. Like grey, perhaps?


Catwalk. Chanel Haute Couture SS 2016.

Yet another Chanel Haute Couture ss 2016 fashion illustration. Made with ink and a spice of watercolor. Those phone cases on hips could be handy. A nice diy-project perhaps?


Draw A Dot. Chanel Spring 2016 Haute Couture.

Chanel Spring 2016 Haute Couture

Hello there! This illustration is the one I made for Draw A Dot March 2016 fashion illustration challenge. It’s the first time I take part in this playful contest. This illustration is made with pastel chalks. The topic was to draw something from Chanel Spring 2016 Haute Couture collection. On Instagram the hashtag to watch is #drawadotchanel

This challenge is all right for me. You know, I am a fan of Chanel’s ability to paint different scenery in front of us in the fashion Show. At Chanel they know how to tell stories through set piece. Those visual stories stay in mind and sure build the customer relationship with the brand in memorable way.

Let's share some links:
Link to Spring-Summer 2016 CHANEL Haute Couture Show.
If you want to know more about the Draw A Dot concept.
Next illustration challenge is already on the air. It’s Instagram Open Call Prada SS 2016 collection.
My Instagram @sanna_pyykko


Seasons. March Weather Girl Portrait.

Seasons. March Weather Girl Portrait.

Hi, let’s continue with the Weather Girl portrait series. Just in time to present Miss March before new month will begin tomorrow. March contains a promise of spring. Still cold in Finland, but the amount of light increases day to day. Willow Catkins embellish the woods and verges.


Catwalk. Mary Katrantzou, Fall Winter 2016.

Catwalk. Mary Katrantzou, Fall Winter 2016.

Thanks to Instagram I have found new inspiring fashion labels. Like Mary Katrantzou that attended to London Fashion Week with her fall winter 2016 collection. Open-minded pattern combinations always attract my visual eye. Feels like Wild West Cowboys and Matryoshkas have given hi five in this collection.