On the Street. Wandering in Darkness, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Total Blue Look.

In Helsinki we wander in darkness. Concretely, I mean. Today sun rises 9am and the sun sets 3:18pm. At the moment our mornings are dark like in this illustration. People walk engrossed in their own thoughts looking on the ground, three meters distance. The darkness comes so close that it seals the feelings for many. All we are waiting is snow that would bring the light.

This older gentleman came across me one morning. So deep in his thoughts I almost could hear his brain gear wheel ticking. I thought that maybe he is actually Santa Claus helper, a tomte (tonttu in Finnish) that doesn’t care too much about red color. He prefers blue instead. As individualist this tomte does what he pleases. He has conjured a lighting lantern to look like white plastic bag not to arouse too much attention. It still glows a gentle light.

* * *
If you want to know more about Scandinavian tomte tradition in Wikipedia just click your way to article.

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