On the Street. Pleated Skirt, Cable Factory, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Pleated Skirt and Beret.

Before I visited Design Market in Cable Factory few weeks ago I predicted that there would be a lot of design oriented people to draw afterwards. Sure there was, but the hassle with all the products and masses of people cause such a mess to nerves that it is almost impossible to be able to focus on style hunting.

Nonetheless I succeeded to see this girl. It was her beret that drew attention. The black beret that continues with black hair and jacket. In between is a color burst of primary colors in the form of pleated skirt, which seems to be somewhat hot item at the moment.

Interesting detail is the black ankle socks. Say, fifteen years ago it would be out of question to wear socks in this way. It was either stockings or some other way that sock does not cut off the leg line. In sports it was possible but with skirt? Come on, no way. And now this ankle socks with any style goes fine. Oh times they are changing.

Street Style Helsinki. Granny with Beret.

In Helsinki a beret is commonly used by older women. There is a blog post in Flash For Zonzon about the fact in archive with this illustration. Fun is that the look of this young girl is kind of similar to the old lady. I have always gazed the style of older people. With years of experience they can be the most fearless to go on their own way.

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