Sphinx Pinastri And Yohji Yamamoto FW 2015

Sphinx Pinastri pupa

Here we go with another nature summer story. On first few days at summer cottage I picked up a doormat before the external stairs to shake all the needles and other debris away. When I lifted the doormat I noticed a butterfly pupa below it. The insect larva had found a safe place to spend undisturbed winter time.

Pupa is extremely interesting to watch. The form is pure beauty. So we placed this Sphinx pinastri pupa (Pine hawk-moth) to veranda in an open box in hopes to see the transform to a butterfly. It took only few days when I realised that a pine hawk-moth was crawling it’s way out from the wintertime shelter. In this point the wings of a butterfly are only tiny piles of crinkle. We helped our guest pine hawk-moth to hang on to nearby geranium. There it started pumping the wings open ready to fly on.

When it was ready we took it outside hanging to pine trunk and start the living in a new beautiful form.

Sphinx pinastri / Pine hawk-moth / Mäntykiitäjä

On last post I told you how one outfit from Yohji Yamamoto’s FW 2015 collection paired well together with one nature impression. Again I find Sphinx pinastri pupa feeling in this outfit. The model feels like pine hawk-moth when it cracks the way out from the pupa. Ready to take a new form.

Yohji Yamamoto FW 2015


Em B said...

love this!


Sanna Pyykkö said...

Hi Em B!
Thanks a lot.
- Sanna

Sanna said...

Very nice.

Sanna Pyykkö said...

Thank you indeed.