On the Street. Rebellious Biker Jacket, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Bicker Jacket.

Biker Jacket is such a classic that keep one’s ground from decade after decade. The first milestone was probably marked by Marlon Brando, who performed a motorcycle gang leader in film The Wild One 1953. After that a biker jacket made of black leather has been synonym to restless rebel -attitude.

Punk is not too common style in Helsinki everyday street scene. So this young lady was a nice exception with her extra carefully drawn eye makeup. A biker jacket, symbol of rebellious mind is well suited to the picture.

I did a tour on kids clothing stores past weekend. In one shop there was biker jackets for kids. Later on I saw approximately four year old girl who wore that particular biker jacket. Well, kid are rebels, they have rebellious mind. With kids at some points it is time to oppose most anything that parents propose.

Another spotting of biker jacket was in Finnish magazine cover Apu (”Help” in English). A Finnish singer Jari Sillanpää posed on cover dressed in biker jacket. The headline was like ”Festival Year of Music Agitator Jari Sillanpää in Fifties”. So the biker jacket works as symbol of live spirit in middle-age.

Conclusion. From childhood  to teenage and middle age, classic biker jacket fits any person who wants to express some rebellious vibes with clothing.


On the Street. Two Pony Tails, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Two Pony Tails.

This lady rushed towards me on Narinkka Marketplace. Apparently hurrying to get in bus in time. The long fluffy pony tails flied wild on the sides of her head. A braided owl-pattern on her tote bag complements the style perfectly.


On the Street. Graphic Style, Kaapelifactory, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Graphic style.

Minimalist black and white outfit to which is added graphic patterns on like shawl, tote bag and skirt. Calm and eye pleasing sight. And still a hint of yellow peeking under the black coat. Refreshing like spring itself. And a matching grey tone comes from asphalt of the streets.


Finnhits. gTIE Attitude Neckwear.

gTIE Jack the Noble Pirate Neckwear

Jenni Ahtiainen, the designer of gTIE is out of the box -thinker. Now it’s time to introduce her brand gTIE in the series of pearls of Finnish Design brand aka Finnhits.

gTIE offers an alternative to people who feel the traditional tie is so seen and boring. It is a brand for people who prefer to be a bit original. gTIE offers innovative neckwear and accessories for men and women. Materials are silk, leather and silver. The attitude is slightly rock and definitely alternative.

She’s won many friends for her design among the celebrities. Her designs have been at the Golden Globes, Oscars, American Music Awards and Eurovision Song Contest.

gTIE Shop Lamp

gTIE Jakob and Tom bowties

gTIE Morgan Leather Scarf

The products are manufactured in Finland homeland territory. The materials are used effectively to the last scrap. Craftsmanship is close to Jenni’s heart despite the design nature of her brand. She is definitely the one that is not contented just thinking of doing. I her own words: I will go down in history as the woman who revolutionized neckwear.

gTIE Shop Details

I visited the gTIE shop. It is decorated with all kinds of antique lamps, mirrors, chairs, clocks. Craftsmanship is important part of the space itself. I was told that the origin of the stuff was her mothers antique shop. And really, when I think of gTIE products it has kind of historical aspect although it same time feels modern. If the surroundings in the childhood has been filled with antique furniture, it must have had some influence to the esthetics Jenni is after in these days.

gTIE Jenna Scarf made of leather strap

The lady in the first illustration is actually street style. I met her in Old Students House in Helsinki and was absolutely thrilled about the style she had drawn her eyebrows high on the forehead. White and pale as valkyrie and dressed in black. And truly, she had the gTIE Jack the Noble Pirate around her neck.

Here we come to the end of this fan post.
Now if you'd like to find out more about gTIE click your way to gTIE website and webshop .
gTIE store in Helsinki you can find at Unioninkatu 27.


On the Street. Neon Sneakers, Sello, Espoo.

Street Style. Neon Sneakers.

Neon colors seem to be hip and pop in sportswear right now. Yesterday while walking around town I did a test. And really it is not only in sports stuff, but once in a while there was some neon color in sight. Shoelaces, handbags, a zipper in a hoodie, purse, headphones, a neon print on a tote bag.

This fellow I saw in Sello shopping center. Otherwise dressed in dark colors, so the neon pink sneakers popped up like last ray of sunshine before night falls. Another interesting thing was the long hem shirt. Let’s see if that is the next cool thing on summer.