Catwalk. Belt Ideas for SS 2015.

Catwalk SS 2015. Dior and Saint Laurent.

Looking through the Vogue SS2015 catalog I found some nice ideas for the belt as accessory. Dior had leather belts with whip-like tail. Saint Laurent had this red wide front tie belt. Especially in summer it is easy to alter the look of simple one color dress with using different types of belts.

DIY Belt Idea for Summer Dress.

Finnish designer Jukka Rintala had a little same kind on front tie belt in his collection last summer. It had borrowed the appearance of men in tuxedo belt. Although the feeling was way more feminine. In this case the belt strips are knotted in a bow tie.

This kind of cloth belt could be made as a diy-project. To measure the right length you can use a long rope or ribbon that it would go twice round the body plus the length that the bow tie needs.

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