Seasons. Happy First of May Carnival.

Seasons. Happy First of May Carnival.

First of May (Vappu in Finnish) is the only day in a year that has something to do with carnival spirit in Finland. The fun begins already tonight. In addition to first of May, whimsy costumes usually belong to bachelor party or some student happenings. Otherwise the living in this corner of world is quite lame if we talk about having fun with clothes. It’s a bit sad. Dressing up to something else than usual could be refreshing. We have a lot to learn from Japanese harajuku- and cosplay-culture.

A week ago I saw a quick glimpse of three giant wigs. Yellow, pink and green. Apparently this sight belonged to the category student happening. Okay, the wigs I have really seen and the rest is product of imagination. Towards summer we go. Have fun all of you!


On the Street. Dog Walking Vest, Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

I love plaid fabrics. From the bus window I spotted an interesting sight. Long cloak-like garment in plaid on the girl who was walking the dog. It looked like a plaid blanket in the form of long vest. But instead of being a blanket, there were handy zipper pockets for all the essentials needed on the dog walk. Like the dog treats, dog poop bag, telephone for selfies…

I’m not a dog owner and haven’t had a dog neither. But an outer clothing like this could be really handy. Convenient enough pull it on over everyday jacket. Like leather jacket in this case. Street credible nice form and function. Ready to serve a dog owner’s new adventures.


Today the Question is Who Made My Clothes?

Making clothes is not always so sustainable. On 24 April 2013, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Social and environmental catastrophes in our fashion supply chains continue. There is a movement against this. You can be apart of it too.

On 24th April, join the Fashion Revolution. Take a selfie showing your label. You could turn your clothes inside out to make more of a statement.
Tag the brand and ask #whomademyclothes?

Finnish blogger Emma Wilde just yesterday wrapped this event nicely. Click your way to the article and find out what, why, how to make a change.
The Wilde Things: Fashion Revolution Day | How to Make a Change?


On the Street. Grey Plaid Suit, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style. Grey Plaid Suit, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Finally it is time to ease up a little. To open overcoat and leave woolen scarf in the closet. Little by little we can believe that it is spring even in Helsinki. We have felt the sun, we have seen the coltsfoot and next weekend a funfair Seiterä arrives to Lauttasaari, Helsinki. Clear signs of spring on the air.


On the Street. Redhead With Ears Hat, Bus 65, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Redhead With Ears Hat.

When I went to the city by bus 65, this lovely redhead sat opposite to me.
Divine red hair flows under the good mood hat with small cute ears. What more? You can image the rest in your mind. She had pink flamingos-print backpack and pink sneakers with floral print.


Catwalk. Belt Ideas for SS 2015.

Catwalk SS 2015. Dior and Saint Laurent.

Looking through the Vogue SS2015 catalog I found some nice ideas for the belt as accessory. Dior had leather belts with whip-like tail. Saint Laurent had this red wide front tie belt. Especially in summer it is easy to alter the look of simple one color dress with using different types of belts.

DIY Belt Idea for Summer Dress.

Finnish designer Jukka Rintala had a little same kind on front tie belt in his collection last summer. It had borrowed the appearance of men in tuxedo belt. Although the feeling was way more feminine. In this case the belt strips are knotted in a bow tie.

This kind of cloth belt could be made as a diy-project. To measure the right length you can use a long rope or ribbon that it would go twice round the body plus the length that the bow tie needs.