Powerful Tool. Wonder Woman Pose.

Wonder Woman Pose

Wonder Woman has been one of my role models for long time. I haven’t seen any films, nor read any comics about her. Only seen some random photographs about the character. And felt strange sisterhood with her. In a situation with hands tied and otherwise bound by chains Wonder Woman has that kind of blink in her eyes that tells us: just wait a sec that I solve this out. Wonder Woman represents fearless and inventive attitude.

Many times when I have been in front of an exiting situation, like important meeting or speaking in public, the calming method has been thinking that I am Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman that handles any situation just like that. And it really has helped a lot. In that mood it is possible to forget the nervousness and just go and do it whatever you have to do.

Because of this earlier relationship with Wonder Woman I was double thrilled when I found an article by James Clear about Wonder Woman Pose. You know, steady pose, put your hands on your hips, keep your chin up, and chest out. The article claims that standing in a Wonder Woman Pose for two minutes in a day is a strategy that reduce anxiety, improve the ability to deal with stress and boost confidence.

This text of mine is just a scratch of the surface. The idea is described profoundly on the article if you’d like to know more.

It is worth watching Amy Cuddy’s  20-minute TED Talk about the impact of body language. You can find this at the end of the article. In Amy Cuddy’s words:

Our bodies change our minds
… and our minds change our behaviour
… and our behaviour changes our outcomes.

This sounds like a good deal to any person.

Maybe next time you take a private two minutes Wonder Woman Pose in a bathroom just before the job interview or other social threat. That way it is lot easier to shine in the situation.

Wonder Woman Pose also works fine as a daily meditation. The only problem has been to take a new way to practice. Even if it is just two minutes in a day I haven’t been able to make it to a habit in my life.
Maybe I should attach a post-it note to the toilet mirror to remind of the precious daily two-minute-stand-by-moment.

* * *
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