The Best Travel Accessories: Black Square Scarf 5 Different Ways.

Presenting black scarf

There has been a little blog silence around here Flash For Zonzon because of summer vacation. This time I took a total break of electronic devices and even the Internet. Quite relaxing experience, by the way. The method was an old school round trip with car in my home country Finland (and a bit in Norway too). Starting from Helsinki to the shores of arctic Ocean and back again along the west coast.

I was curious and ready to see if there was anything to see in the field of street style in the rest of the country than Helsinki. But believe me, the fells of Lapland didn't have much to offer in this respect. The reindeer looks like reindeer. Only on the road you could see some tribal dress codes like motorcyclists in their black leather uniforms.

What do you pack for a trip like this? The answer is as little as possible. Besides toothbrush and sunhat the next most important thing was a black square scarf. And now I will tell you how handy piece of accessory it is.

The best travel accessories: black square scarf

This scarf of mine is a fair-sized (100 cm x 100 cm) made of lightweight black cotton. When traveling by car in summer there is always air condition on. And in T-shirt there is a good possibility to get cold despite the fact that the outside is 25 degrees hot. The cool wind blowing like that. Ooh la-la, the scarf wrapped around the neck will save from this misery.

The head scarf

In northern Finland there is one minus in summertime. And that is the armies of mosquitoes and other biting little insects that are attacking once you put your head outside. They can be very annoying when trying to set up a tent at the end of the day. But with the square scarf there is no trouble. Just wrap the scarf around your head and you are safe. 

Scarf as belt. Fells of Lapland.

When wardrobe consists of T-shirts only it is possible to alter a look with the help of the scarf. Fold a square scarf looking like belt. Like this you can get a nice waistline for a change.

Square Scarf as turban.

Then again in a trip like this the shower is not always right next to you. So it is nice to be able to forget the hair totally. The method is to fold the scarf to turban-like thing. Hide your hair in a turban. This way you get a nice bow tie on the top.

Good night -scarf.

The nights are very luminous in summertime in Finland. When sleeping in a tent it can be a bit difficult to get sleep in the evening. In that point you can count on your black lightweight scarf again. Just cover your eyes lightly with the black scarf and you are already sleeping. First I did the trick to kids and then myself. Good nighty-night.

Disclaimer. I bought this multi-function black scarf from Varusteleka for 4 euros or so and it is worth every cent.