Seasons. June, Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2014.

Here we go again! I mean a week ago was the time and place for annual happening Helsinki Samba Carnaval. This starts to be a tradition here at Flash For Zonzon to make some illustration notes of the wonderful parade. This is the Part 3 in a row.

The above is the set, which I think was one of the finest this year. I don't know how the caravan goes in Rio Carnaval, but in Helsinki it uses man power.

Samba Carnaval Baiana

The baianas with their wide hem are always as beautiful. Love their rotating choreography. These baianas costumes had the two favorite things of my. These are the big bows and stripes. Black and red stripes in this case.

Marvelous costumes are the biggest fun in the parade. One can just imagine how many hours are spent in making them. Costumes have been thought to the last detail. This year we saw a lot of football-inspired costumes probably because of The 2014 FIFA Wold Cup, a tournament for the men's football world championship, that is currently taking place in Brasil.

Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2014

Besides feathers and footballs, we saw this hummingbird costume. Very glam rock and like David Bowie in 70's. Trailers have the support poles, so that the dancers keep the ride over rough cobbled streets of Helsinki.

Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2014

Dance makes one thirsty. So along the way is the maintenance staff in the presence backpacks full of water bottles. Relief to the thirsty dancer is always close by. And then the dancing continues with a smile.

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