On the Street. Confused By the Twins, Kamppi, Helsinki.

It happened one Sunday when I was walking away from cinema Orion. I had just been watching Charlie Chaplin, the Gold Rush. Oh what a wonderful film it is! There is a scene where Chaplin and big Jim are really hungry. So hungry that big Jim starts to see hallucinations. During hallucinations he sees Chaplin as a giant chicken and starts chasing him to get finally a good meal.

Well, in these feelings I thought I was seeing hallucination when I saw the two exactly same looking women, dressed in similar outfits walking towards me on the street.

I remember that in school some girls had the habit to dress up in similar outfits. It kind of sealed their friendship. Together forever. With twins this is reality sometimes. I know few elderly persons from my neighborhood that apparently live together and also their style is quite the same. But exactly same outfit is seldom seen. That is why I needed to look two times when these ladies appeared.

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