For Fun. Visiting Pet Expo.

Girl with black bunny pet.

Two weeks ago I visited Pet Expo with my family. From street style point of view there was little to be expected. You know, pet people are a bit of their own tribe. I have summarized one sample of typical pet-person style features above. A goth-like tasted with grunge, pink or turquoise hairdo, animal-tattoos, neon color high-lights. Characteristics vary according a pet. For example cat- and guinea pig -persons are usually bit more feminine and conventional.

Previous I have worked as a costume designer. The point there is to find the typical features of a character role. I can't help it that I still classify people by appearances. Clothes carry a strong message to tell other people who we are.

In general having pets is a important way  to express oneself. Stand out from the ordinary. There was a department where the rat was running agility. They took time for each rat-participant. The lady, whose rat was in turn to do the agility, told me that she had altogether 26 rats at home. 10 boys and 16 girls. And she let them run freely in her home from time to time. Not so typical for a middle aged woman, we might say. And what is the effect when you tell about your hobby in a coffee table...

Street style, one piece jumpsuit.

This young man walked in the middle of the heavily crowded expo dressed in green one piece jumpsuit. He looked miserable. We can just guess the reason. (Maybe dressing up green jumpsuit would have been reason enough.) His face was strong contrast to his joyful outfit with giant white baseball cap.

aquarium line drawing

And as we are in pet expo I simply must present all the animals that live at our house. Because of allergy no hairy species are possible. So we have 200-liter aquarium with some 60 fishes and a bunch of Red sherry shrimps. It is so relaxing to stare an aquarium full of life.

paludarium line drawing

Then we have a 80-liter paludarium with three Newts and one African Dwarf Frog accompanied with Red Sherry Shrimps as well. In this sketch you can see a series of croquis of the Newts.

leopard gecko sketch

This lovely Leopard Gecko has lived with us few months now. In advance I would not have believed how enchanting a gecko can be. These are sketches of the fellow in different positions. We don't have a name for it so far, as the gender is not clear yet. But if it is a girl it will be Luna and if it is a boy it will be Vili.

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