For Fun. Three-Year Birthday Cake.

Three-Year Birthday Cake.

I just realized that I started this blog – Flash For Zonzon – three years ago. Boy how time flies! So I decided to bake a cake for you and me to celebrate this Sunday. Mmmmm, how good is virtual cake.

And were have I come in three years of blogging?
This blog isn't actually a highway measured in blog traffic. This is more like a winding little road in countryside. You never know exactly what will come after next curve. So it's certainly not boring. It's fun that I have had visitors from all over the world. It's fun that I have this channel to do what kind of illustrations I wish.

And what will come next?
I bet I'll keep on blogging.

I hope that the cake tasted good. I'm not actually famous of my baking skills. But it doesn't matter. I'll keep on baking anyway. Have a nice Sunday.

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