On the Street. Hand Patterned Stockings, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Streetstyle Helsinki. Hand Patterned Stockings.

I was walking back home from work one day. I noticed that something interesting is coming up. As we passed each other I realized it was the graphic hand pattern in her stockings that could be seen hundreds of meters away. Very effective and somehow cheerful sight too.


Helsinki Spring Brings Charlie Chaplin

Black suit with big bow.

Helsinki Spring brings with it the possibility to dive into the world  of Charlie Chaplin's. Helsinki City Artmuseum in Tennispalatsi has a nice exhibition of Chaplin going on. But that's not the only thing. Finland's National Audiovisual Archive, Cinema Orion performs various Charlie Chaplin films in this Spring.

The series start next Sunday with special show. There will be live band, Cleaning Women playing their music with the films. (Behind the Screen, 1916, One A.M., 1916, The Bank, 1915)

I have already tickets in my pocket for my family. You can try to get the tickets from here.  Let's see what kind of style ideas will come this time. Last year I picked up this big bow from Charlie. Because as much as the funny tricks I enjoy watching the style of past times.


For Fun. Three-Year Birthday Cake.

Three-Year Birthday Cake.

I just realized that I started this blog – Flash For Zonzon – three years ago. Boy how time flies! So I decided to bake a cake for you and me to celebrate this Sunday. Mmmmm, how good is virtual cake.

And were have I come in three years of blogging?
This blog isn't actually a highway measured in blog traffic. This is more like a winding little road in countryside. You never know exactly what will come after next curve. So it's certainly not boring. It's fun that I have had visitors from all over the world. It's fun that I have this channel to do what kind of illustrations I wish.

And what will come next?
I bet I'll keep on blogging.

I hope that the cake tasted good. I'm not actually famous of my baking skills. But it doesn't matter. I'll keep on baking anyway. Have a nice Sunday.


Seasons. Women's Day Special with Rick Owens SS2014.

Rick Owens SS 2014

When I first saw the photos of Rick Owens SS 2014 runway show, the photos beat me to the punch. And I couldn't stop grinning. I was so pleased to see these women's angry expressions, in their eyes and faces. The pictures predicted that there was something more to see and when I saw the choreography of the fashion show in YouTube, electricity run along my backbone.

Rick Owens SS 2014

Strong expression in choreography, shouting, energy, vicious faces. All this gave me a message that these women were so sick of whatever it was and they have had enough and they wouldn't take it anymore! It's time to move forward all sisters together. And in the wold today, this is so true. The feminist in me was so happy.

Runway shows and fashion magazines determines strongly the way we see beauty. Skinny models are the norm. So it was very refreshing to see Rick Owens' out-of-the-standard models. This was a radical move in the context of fashion show. Stretching the limits. Thank you Rick Owens!

Rick Owens SS 2014

It is true that women have a reason to be angry.

I don't know whether there is a single country in the world that could be considered totally equal for men and women. Even in countries such as Finland, which seems to be very equal, fact is that women earn less than men for the same work. A man's euro is woman's 78 cents. Constantly, although this has been the issue as long as I can remember.

But this is just a little sorrow compared to bad treatment that some of our little sisters get to experience.

Think about the young girls that are forced to marry with adult men and the tragedies where it leads. Think about female circumcision, which occurs in the name of tradition. So many unnecessary tears.

International Women's Day March 8

But I'm happy that there is also bright spots on the horizon.  Education is a way to better life. Despite this fact, going to school is not self evident to all girls. But then there is this Malala Movement, a global movement whose primary goal is to ensure that every girl in the world has access to the educational opportunities they deserve. This movement builds a better future for tomorrows women. Malala herself is one of them in just 16 years of age. If you want to read her story, you can visit The Malala Fund website.

In this Woman's Day I'm suggesting that women would start supporting strongly each other. Give Applause to a Woman Each and Every Day! Give positive feedback to your sisters, fellows and relatives, your boss, your teammates, or whoever you think is worth it. So girls  – and why not men as well – just remember to use your voice.

As an inspiration I'm linking the mentioned Rick Owens -show Spring 2014 Womenswear in Paris here. Enjoy your day!


Catwalk. Dreaming of Summer with Suno SS 2014.

 Now is the time that it is not totally desperate to start dreaming about summer. The sun has shown itself a few times quite promisingly and temperatures seem to stay above zero permanently. So I took the pastels and dreamed of summer with Suno 2014 spring/summer collection. Especially I find this silhouette with wide sleeves and flying hem so summery.