Seasons. Happy Valentine's Day. Hooray Friendship.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day is a quite new acquaintance in Finland. First time it has landed on the market in the 80's. And because Finns are not considered as the most romantic people on the earth they launched the Valentine's Day as Friend's Day. At least I think it suits better to our mental landscape.

Or is it the idea of democracy that has directed the guidelines. Not everybody has a loved one, but most of us have some sort of friend to remember once in a year. Either way, Friend's Day is the second popular day in a year to send postcards. Christmas still draws the longer straw in this matter.

I cherish my friends. Though not too often face-to-face. But that's the point in it. With a friend ten years is nothing when you meet again. Besides people one can feel friendship with animals and in my case plants. Some of the plants at my home have lived with me already twenty years. In that time one gets attached really.

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