Seasons. Happy Valentine's Day. Hooray Friendship.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Valentine's day is a quite new acquaintance in Finland. First time it has landed on the market in the 80's. And because Finns are not considered as the most romantic people on the earth they launched the Valentine's Day as Friend's Day. At least I think it suits better to our mental landscape.

Or is it the idea of democracy that has directed the guidelines. Not everybody has a loved one, but most of us have some sort of friend to remember once in a year. Either way, Friend's Day is the second popular day in a year to send postcards. Christmas still draws the longer straw in this matter.

I cherish my friends. Though not too often face-to-face. But that's the point in it. With a friend ten years is nothing when you meet again. Besides people one can feel friendship with animals and in my case plants. Some of the plants at my home have lived with me already twenty years. In that time one gets attached really.


On the Street. Wavy Hemline Coat, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki. Wavy Hemline Coat.

Wavy hemline on coats are not too common in these days. Indeed, what could be more beautiful than a wavy thick woolen fabric!

I saw this lady waiting for a bus in all-black outfit with well thought details. To me her style was so convincing, that I wouldn't have been surprised if she was actually waiting for her white horse to pick her up. The only thing I'm missing in this outfit is a long feather to her beret.


For Fun. Coffee Poem.

Coffee Poem.

We have had three weeks in a row less than 10 degrees below zero measurements in Helsinki. Luckily it seems that heavy frost is over for a while. I'm able to write a little piece of poetry. To me frost feels like someone would be hammering constantly my forehead. Pleats between the eyes distract thinking. Coffee is a good friend in this point.

I have a contradictory relationship with coffee. I know I would be much more stable, calm and tolerant without coffee, but still I'm flirting with it. Sometimes there is periods that I don't drink it at all.

But then I'm missing in all my calmness the extra muscles that comes with coffee. After a cup of coffee I can focus on things better, ideas flow, I believe in myself (even an unnecessary amount). An unpleasant task is just one-two-three and it's already done and no boundaries found.

Ping-pong between the coffee-yes-please and happy-with-tea periods will alternate in the future too. Because sometimes I'm missing that tranquil not so bustling person that comes along without coffee drinking.