On the Street. Padded Waistcoat Bodywarmer, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street style Helsinki, Padded Waistcoat Bodywarmer.

So far Helsinki winter has been very mild. Normally the temperatures are below zero in January, but not this year. Also, the snow seems hanging over the ground somewhere else in the world. A bit weird, but it allows people to walk around in light wool coats and even men's sports jacket as here. This guy has ensured the body warmth with a padded waistcoat under the grey tweed blazer.


Willemijn Sofie said...

Love the figure you sketched :). Your story seems like mine. The last few years the Dutch Winters are really cold. But this year it is not and I love it to be honest!

X Willemijn Sofie

Flash For Zonzon said...

Hi Willemijn Sofie. Glad you stopped by and shared your mood :)