On the Street. Happiness is Long Down Jacket, Hietsu, Helsinki.

Weekend winter finally came to Helsinki. Now is the time when going outdoors happiness really is a long down jacket.

This lovely violet down jacket has some oddity in the hood. The zipper goes all the way up. This feature gives this down jacket a slight sleeping bag effect. In some sense… Though it would be somewhat impractical to go around totally zipped.


On the Street. Hair as Scarf, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki: Hair as scarf.

I had to look twice when I saw this young lady in Kamppi shopping center. Oh yes, it's not a fluffy scarf, but curly long hair that is sticking out from under the hood.


On the Street. Padded Waistcoat Bodywarmer, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street style Helsinki, Padded Waistcoat Bodywarmer.

So far Helsinki winter has been very mild. Normally the temperatures are below zero in January, but not this year. Also, the snow seems hanging over the ground somewhere else in the world. A bit weird, but it allows people to walk around in light wool coats and even men's sports jacket as here. This guy has ensured the body warmth with a padded waistcoat under the grey tweed blazer.