On the Street. Red Hat Girl in Bus 65A, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki, Red hat girl.

On buses we seldom see our fellow travelers eyes nowadays. Most people concentrate to their smartphones like this lovely lady. On the other hand it allowed me to watch her in piece. Win-win situation.


On the Street. Ballerina Tutu Jacket, Keskuskatu, Helsinki.

Street Style Helsinki, Ballerina tutu jacket.

Effective combination, shiny boots, jacket with double frill, narrow silhouette and bright red hair. Urban city-ballerina we might say.


Follow Flash For Zonzon, Good Idea!

Follow Flash For Zonzon

Hooray, at long last I have had the spirit to build a bunch of ways to follow Flash For Zonzon. If you like the content of this blog, why not pick up the way that best suits for you.

Now there is a brand new Facebook-page. You can find there links to the new posts and sometimes there is some pick-ups from previous content too. And the hostess is already waiting you there. Off you go to Flash For Zonzon Facebook-page.

If you hang around Twitter a lot, maybe you start following @FFZonzon. You'll be alerted of the new posts there.

Google+ -page is another option. Flash For Zonzon has a page of it's own there. Flash For Zonzon Google+ -page.

Maybe the most convenient way to follow Flash For Zonzon would be the good old email. You can order this blog delivered right to your inbox. Like a post from a friend.

On Pinterest I have gathered boards that interest me in the point of view graphic designer, illustrator, street style lover, circus fan, Helsinki citizen, etc. There is also a nice board of Fashion Illustration. Check my Pinerest-account if you need some inspiration. At least these pins work in such way to me.

And the list doesn't stop here. Oh no. Yeah, we have Flash For Zonzon in Bloglovin and Blogilista for my Finnish friends.

If you have found a new favorite RSS-reader after they buried the Google Reader, go for it!

Then there is this community in web, IFB, International Fashion Bloggers. I'm posting my links there too, if I remember…

Boy, now this blog is everywhere!
It will be fun to see what kind of interaction with readers there is going to be using these tools. I'm curious to see it. And finally, thank you my readers for being there with me.


On the Street. Herringbone Tweed Coat, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Illustrated Streetstyle Helsinki, Herringbone Tweed Coat.

You know, I'm weak in herringbone tweed. So when I saw this young dandy in Kamppi, it was self-evident that I am drawing his look later. I'd love to wear this coat myself!


On the Street. Running to Catch the Bus, Center, Helsinki.

One of the free everyday fun is to watch people running to catch the bus on time. I'm never too busy to stop and take a look at how the running thriller is ending. And I'm feeling like a winner when they make it!