On the Street. Mr X in Plaid Shirt with Corduroy, Laru, Helsinki.

Streetstyle Helsinki. Plaid Shirt with Corduroy.

Lucky me, I saw my all time favorite Mr X again walking near Lauttasaari bridge. And again he offered something special. Unexpected proportions. Think about those dark green ankle-length wide pants made of thick corduroy. Just right to show off nice ankle boots. Plaid shirt repeating the tones of boots and cap.  Simply Lovin  this style!

If you want to see other style samples of Mr X, just click the mr-x tag beneath or in the Labels-cloud.


For Fun. Polkadot Swimsuit, Kumpula Oudoor Pool, Helsinki.

Polkadot Swimsuit, Kumpula Outdoor Pool, Helsinki.

A week ago we went to Kumpula outdoor pool with my family to enjoy the last day of sweet warm summer. Kumpula is a marvelous place to be with kids. Besides pools for kids and adults, there is a diving tower and playground. To my joy there was also an outdoor gym. It is rare that you can lift the weights outdoors these latitudes dressed just in bikinis. Fun it was.

Well, now we need to wait for next summer to renew the experience. Just when schools begun this week begun also the rainy days that predict autumn.


On the Street. Skinny People in Black and White, Helsinki.

Some skinny minimal characters has remained in my mind while walking in the summer city of Helsinki.

This monochromatic guy seemed like he couldn't care less what he is wearing. C'mon it's just an average black, (nowadays gray) T-shirt and jeans! But still on his feet shines a pair of black Converses looking like taken just out of the box. Oh yeah, style matters, no matter what.

With this girl I came to think that if your outfit is very minimal like here, even a ribbed stockings can act like well considered accessory.