For Fun. Going for Summer Holiday.

Going for Summer Holiday.

Hi! It's time to take a little break in the form of Summer Holiday. The break in Flash For Zonzon will be only two weeks, I assume. For my vacation I will pack hot-hot-hot weather clothes, take-it-easy-attitude and, of course, my sketchbook. In holiday I will have much more free time to draw. Sic. We'll see what kind of pictures and impressions stick to pages. So stay tuned.

By the way. If you are following this blog with Google Reader, you better switch to some other rss-feed reader asap. Google Reader will shut it's doors by the end of June. The easiest way is to move your following to Bloglovin'.  So here you go, Flash For Zonzon in Bloglovin'.


Happy Midsummer With Oscar de la Renta, ss 2013.

Oscar de la Renta SS 2013 in Midsummer

Oscar de la Renta SS 2013 black and white striped long dress is the one that I choose to have in my  Midsummer party here at Flash For Zonzon. I thought that the model would enjoy  a little stroll in Finnish birch forest. Can you hear birds singing?
I wish you all Happy Midsummer!


Seasons. June, Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2013.

Last Saturday was again time for Helsinki Samba Carnaval, one of my favorite happenings in Helsinki. For a costume lover like me it's like opening a treasure chest. I wrote a post about this happening a year ago too. We can think this post as a Helsinki Samba Carnaval Part 2 around here. This time I'm presenting some new features of the parade.

Above we see not only a samba dancer but also the set up, which plays an important part of the performance. This dancer had a marvelous golden shoe throne on a rotating platform. Wow.

 Live music heighten the atmosphere. Among others Samba School Império do Papagaio has always a truck with a band on stage playing music. Every year a different song continuously shown.

Capoeira is part of the show. Performed by Capoeira Capital, Helsinki.

Helsinki Samba Carnaval 2013.

The sweetest little samba dancer was this little girl. In real she definitely didn't look this angry. Sorry for the expression here. She showed fatigue-free while running back and forth in time to the music on the Esplanade. 

Last but not the least is the bateria of each group. There is always some great characters among the players. Or what do you think about this bearded guy? Ten points from me!


Catwalk. Good Solutions for Bad Hair Day, SS 2013.

Hi everybody! The Summer has finally arrived in Helsinki. Ooh, the sweet sunshine and warmth. We have been waiting but now it's time to enjoy the best of this summer season.

When days get really hot it's nice to tie the hair off your neck. Also, if you happen to have a bad hair day, the best solution is to tie the hair in ponytail or bun. In catwalks of SS 2013 we saw some ideas how to embellish or help you to forget the whole hair mess.

I like a lot the idea of Dolce & Gabbana SS 2013. Bun first, then tie silk scarf around your head. Girly and elegant. 

Max Mara, SS 2013.

Max Mara SS 2013 presented another solution that is handy for bad hair day. All you need is a tube scarf of right color and you are salon operating at once.

Also Marc by Marc Jacobs used head scarves in his SS 2013 collection. I loved the way he combined the different patterns with each other. Here we saw that a scarf is a very variable accessory. You can bind your summer dress with scarf of protect your head from the burning the sun or cover your neck and shoulders.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, SS 2013.

 I sure am a scarf person as my mother is. Back in the 70's when I was kid, the use of head scarves was a kind of fashion. My mother also tied a white scarf around her head. It became a little turban-like result. Then she felt to be very stylish, as she was. But then a neighbor's child commented whether our mother hurt her head.
Well, let's say it may lead to misunderstandings if you are the true pioneer in fashion.