On the Street. Bow Tie With Moustache, Mannerheimintie, Helsinki.

On the Street. Bow Tie With Moustache,

This bright yellow sweater caught my attention on the street, while I traveled tram past the Parliament House. Oh boy, the man had moustache and bow tie as well! Splendid! This is just the vision I longed for in my previous post about Charley Chaplin's bow tie. Modern version of the combination of bow tie with moustache.


On the Street. Grannies Wear Berets, Hämeentie, Helsinki.

Grannies style has always inspired me personally. Sometimes my friends have even called me a youth-granny because of my clothing choices.

Berets sure belong to granny-style of Helsinki elderly ladies. Warm and cozy it is. Handy too. It doesn't get hurt if you stuff it into your shopping bag. And you can always make a little artistic impression with beret. That's not so bad.


On the Street. Hipster in a Hurry, Kamppi, Helsinki.

 Well, if you really think of this hipster phenomenon of today, you need to admit that our dads are the original hipsters. This idea came to see the light from funny blog with the same name. So hipster guys, if you want to be caught pants down while keeping yourself trendsetters, maybe you could visit this blog: Dads are the Original Hipsters.
But never mind. I'm still fan of this hipster style.


On the Street. Grown-up Pippi Longstocking in Forum, Helsinki.

pippi longstocking, flower stockings, pigtails

When I saw this lovely young lady in Forum last week I needed to stop her to tell how much I liked her looks. It was just like Pippi Longstocking would have grown up. Oh those cute pigtails, red pigtail ribbons, bright red lipstick, with complementary color green, flower stockings and the heels. Perfect picture. The only thing I didn't quite remember was her bag. So I decided to give her a matching red Longchamp leather bag.


On the Street. Trumpet Jeans, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Street style. Trumpet jeans.

On these days trumpet jeans are rarely seen. The whole town seems to go in tight jeans. Therefore I was delighted to see this lady on the gasoline station which I pass every morning. She was busy cleaning her blue car with a rag. If she had straightened her back her narrow silhouette would have looked like this. Very stylish in my opinion.