On the Street. Striped Jacket, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Street style Helsinki, striped jacket with slim jeans

Yesterday I sat in the cafe that is located next to maybe the most crowded street corner in Helsinki. I sat there for an hour looking at the people passing by  and still didn't see anything that would be inspiring to draw. Later while heading my way home I ran to bus and saw the silhouette above hundred meters away from me. The box-like striped jacket with grey slim jeans and heels was the thing this time.

Sometimes few seconds can give you more than an hour.


On The Street. Colorful Spring Look, Töölö, Helsinki.

My life has been so hectic that I have not had time to draw anything here on the blog this month yet. The busiest time is now over so I looked around me and what did I see? The Spring has apparently come to town. We are seeing more color in the street, yes. I picked up this girl in her own colorful world. And the tune might be Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".