On the Street. Grey Suit With Color Spices, Museum of Sports, Helsinki.

Today I attended an event where the Sports Book of the Year 2012 in Finland was nominated. The winner was a beautiful book "The Birth of Sports" (Urheilulajien synty) by Juha Kanerva and Vesa Tikander. The book is a splendid introduction to all the sports we have come up with. And the layout needs an extra reference too.

To my joy one of the journalists had spiced his grey suit with very nice color details. Dark blue velvet vest, purple tie and pocket square, shirt with tiny purple flowers, shoes reddish patent leather with hole patterns. So I had to thank him not only about the great book but also for a nice style.

By the way. When I draw these On the Street -characters I'm not trying to do exact look alike of the person I have spotted. The aim is more to get the feeling of the essential parts of the style.

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