Seasons. December Amaryllis Belladonna from Sketchbook.

I have a habit to plant an flower bulbs of Amaryllis in the middle of the November. It's a pleasure to follow how the first green leaves appear from the large brown flower bulbs and the flower stalk get taller every day on the kitchen table. The result of that growing feels always such a wonder. This year our Amaryllis appeared in light red tone, a bit like red crab. Flowering began in mid-December when nothing will flourish outdoors because of the cold and snowy climate around here.  The contrast is very effective to meet such a flourishing beauty at home.

The Amaryllis bulbs can flourish again if you treat it right. From the site of the United States National Arboretum I found a step-by-step plan to get your amaryllis to bloom again.

Amaryllis is a traditional flower for Christmas time in Finland. I'd love to hear if there are some other traditional flowers in other countries. If you like, let us hear from your plant selection for Christmas in comments.

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