One Day. The Castle Ball 2012, Linnan Juhlat 2012.

6.12.  is Finland's Independence Day. In the evening, the Presidential Independence Day reception is held for approximately 2000 invited guests at the Presidential Palace. This event, known as "the Castle Ball", is broadcast on television and has been a perennial favorite of the viewing public.

The best part of the show is when Presidential pair shakes hands with all the invited guests. 1800 this year. It's the moment when you can see all the beautiful evening gowns. This is also the moment to shout judgements in the home couch. Great fun! This year I did some rough sketching while watching.


The Other Sanna said...

Kivoja. :) Tuo alimpana oleva vaaleansininen oli mielestäni hieno, vaikka toimittaja haukkui sitä Cabaret-tyyliseksi tai jotain. Mut tosi paljon oli tylsiä pukuja myös. ;)

Zonzon said...

Kiitti kommentista. Pääsin ekan kerran pitkään aikaan katsomaan tätä spektaakkelia. Aina yhtä viihdyttävä!