On the Street. December Snow Attack, Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Last Friday was a big snow storm here in Helsinki. The best way to move around would have been the skis. There came like 50 cm snow in one day. Thanks to the storm we now have snow mountains in every corner of the streets. Well, at least the kids love it.

Nowadays, if I have a opportunity to say somebody that like her/his coat, or shoes, or total outfit, I always say it. People are delighted and they sometimes start spontaneously tell me some stories that are related to that specific garment. This time I was fascinated by the wide black and white herringbone wool coat. The whole outfit had a nice 60's feeling.

The young mother told me that when she had started to wait her first child, she didn't have a coat to fit in. So they changed coats with her sister. And then afterwards she didn't want to give it back anymore. The sister had abandoned the coat in her mind already. So everybody was happy.

Do you have some nice stories to share about the contents of your wardrobe?


The Other Sanna said...

Love it! :)

Zonzon said...

Yes the snow is nice if that's what you meant :)