One day. 100 Posts and New About Page.

This is the hundredth post in Flash For Zonzon. I'm celebrating it with my first animated gif image. You can calculate the image one hundred small Flash For Zonzon -logos if you like. It made a nice pattern, I think. I'd love to bury myself more in pattern design. Let's see what I will make up in that area within next 100 posts.

I have made a little changes to the blog itself. In the navigation bar you can find a new button that leads to the new About-page. About-page sheds a little more light on the backgrounds of this blog. Take a look, if you are curios about it. There is a saying: Curiosity killed the cat. But this time I assure, looking at the About-page is not dangerous at all. In addition there is a new Popular Posts -gadget in the sidebar.

Now I want to thank you all my precious readers for reading this blog. I have received wonderful feedback from many of you. Thank you! You have no idea (or maybe you do) how much that means to me. Hope you enjoy my future postings as well. 

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