My Style. Wanted Ladies Boots size 39.

Few weeks ago I saw my dream pair of boots in The Style Manifest -bog. I was like Oh Wow, here they are in their beauty with all perforated details.

I left a comment with hopes that there would be female sizes available too. In the comment I'm still hopeful, but I was left with nothing. The sizes begun from 40. My size is 38-39, depending on the shoe. I thought a while to go to foot stretch to get bigger feet. In the end I rejected the idea and decided to do a WANTED-poster instead of it.

If you dear readers have seen these kind of leather boots for ladies in some web shop please give me a tip. I could wear these boots with almost anything. But so far I'm still dreaming.


ami tomar said...

It's so large size. I am not sure who use this.
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Zonzon said...

The size is mine, anyway. Maybe 38 will do too, depending on the shoe.
- Zonzon