On the street. Free layering, Kamppi, Helsinki.

 This time the eye-catcher was the blue wide skirt. The form of the skirt definitely stood out from the queue. When it was paired with trousers of the same color the whole outfit got a very personal touch.

I had a change to ask about her marvelous skirt. She told me it was made by her friend according to her idea. The idea was to make a similar style skirt that she had used as a child. There was a layering of tulle fabric  under outer shell. It ensured a wide, beautiful shape skirt.

I specially admired the wide pockets that could easily eat up a sketchbook. 


Haley said...

What an interesting blog. Keep up the good work.

Zonzon said...

Hi Haley. Welcome here. Thank you for your cheerful comment.
- Zonzon