For fun. Picking berries.


We in Finland are the lucky ones with nature providing us a variety of lovely vitamin rich berries to pick. I must tell the good news to my foreign readers: we have the traditional Finnish legal concept of everyman's right that allows free right of access to the land and waterways, and the right to collect natural products such as wild berries and mushrooms, no matter who owns the land. These rights also generally apply to foreign citizens.

We have a vast variety of berries to pick: blueberries and lingonberries, cloudberries and cranberries, wild strawberries and raspberries.
I have enjoyed so much of this joy of picking berries during this season. Now my fridge is full of blueberries and raspberries to consume with morning yoghurt and soft smoothies during wintertime.

The New York Times blogger, Seth Kugel, the Frugal Traveler, seeks first-class living at steerage prices in his blog. When he visited Helsinki he also went to pick blueberries. He wrote a story about it and the whole visit: In Helsinki, Going Where the Finns Go.


Chloé said...

I love your picture as much I do berries.

Zonzon said...

Chloé, thanks for a comment. Oh boy, I love berries too. And picking them is double the fun.

Ladyfairy closet said...

This is absolutely amazing! Great work dear!

Zonzon said...

Hi Ladyfairy. Thank you for commenting. I have pinned this picture to my Pinterest illustration-board as well.