Catwalk. Rue Du Mail, Summer 2012.

Twenties is one of the most delightful trends that has been seen in summer 2012 collections. Rue du Mail had this black and white dress that I found specially nice in it's simplicity. Patterning in the front is very interesting. It reminds me of the head of Darth Vader and make up of Alice Cooper at the same time.

By the way there is a nice post about the Roaring Twenties in the blog I recently found, The Skeletons in my Closet. 


Shop Nomiji said...

Gosh! You are really talented! :) I love illustrations/drawings and you are so good at it! Going to be a follower. :)


Zonzon said...

Hello! Thank you for your comment. It's nice to get followers.
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Kathleen Lisson said...

These are beautiful drawings.

Zonzon said...

Thank you Kathleen for your kind comment. You made my day.

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Zonzon said...


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I'll check up your links.

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