On the street. A Miracle In a Gas Station ABC, Mikkeli.

feeling corto maltese, abc mikkeli

On Midsummer last weekend I travelled to countryside as most of the finns do at that time. What that means is a big traffic jam on the road. After sitting four hours traveling in the car we stopped at the ABC -gas station in Mikkeli.

I didn't expect to see anyone interesting there, but there he was all black and white, smoking a cigarette outside the station. With all the gold glittering in his ears and wrist.

I could easily place him in a Corto Maltese comicstory by Hugo Pratt throwing knives around a woodoo princess at a shady jungle bar. Inspired by the image I borrowed a pile of Corto's from the library to read on a summer vacation. I recommend the same to everyone. Dream with the dreamer.


Seasons. June, Helsinki Samba Carnaval.

In June my all time favorite happening is Helsinki Samba Carnaval. It was 22nd time this year. It takes place in Helsinki day 12th June or next saturday if the day is in the middle of the week. 

The event is one of Helsinki's largest free public events, the audience is around 20-30 000 people. The parade  included seven samba schools from different cities of Finland, as well as other performing groups like circus and capoeira, a total of over 1,000 dancers and musicians. Helsinki Samba Caranaval corresponds to the Rio Carnival, only the scale is smaller. 

The whole happening is so hilarious. It's just the opposite of what Finnish temperament normally is. By this I mean that we are not exactly dancing in the streets and dressing up colorfully every day. All the imaginative costumes, funny and ingenious themes that the schools have invented make me so glad. Not to mention the hypnotic drumming. If I would take part in the happening I'd like be a part of batterias banging the big drum, yes!

Maybe the best thing is that people of all age groups can participate in the same interest. From the little girls and boys, chicos and chicas  to their mamas and papas and grandparents. Everybody can find their own role in the phenomenon.

I have taken my kids to watch the show too. The first time they saw the color saturation and the wild characters the impact was so big that the next day it erupted in to these lovely drawings.


On the street. Camel-colored Anorak, Kamppi, Helsinki.

On the street. Camel-colored Anorak

Bus stops are great. You can watch people unnoticed without needing to stare. This girl had an oversized camel-colored anorak combined with black leggings and ballerinas. So simple as that, but it gave my mind a tour to other images. The anorak was old and has apparently belonged to her father or grandfather. It was a typical cross-country skiing outfit from 50 to 60 s.

I also remember that Tintin and captain Haddock had similar anoraks in Hergé's cartoon album Tintin in Tibet. I always thought how in earth they had gone to so severe conditions as in Himalayan mountains in such a light clothing. We have similar snowfalls here in Finland and I assure you that an anorak is a joke in a weather like that. What was Hergé thinking?

I can easily imagine that this anorak is among her favorite clothes. With the history many items just feel special.


DIY. An Apron For Mother And Child.

I noticed this DIY-idea when it was standing by me in the train. Lady by my side had this colorful apron-like shirt in top of a t-shirt. It seemed that much interesting that I asked if she had done it herself. And right she had. 

Liisa Lenkkeri told me that she had made the apron from an old checkered tablecloth first to her daughter. Later on she found it useful to herself too. She had made the shoulder strap of a shoelace. So the apron was adjustable for the kid and herself. 

In Liisa's apron was a round pocket decorated with a snippet of a colorful ribbon that matched with the colors. If you change the material for example to linen and do a different kind of pocket, use a little lace or frill you get a new look to the whole thing.


Catwalk. Rue Du Mail, Summer 2012.

Twenties is one of the most delightful trends that has been seen in summer 2012 collections. Rue du Mail had this black and white dress that I found specially nice in it's simplicity. Patterning in the front is very interesting. It reminds me of the head of Darth Vader and make up of Alice Cooper at the same time.

By the way there is a nice post about the Roaring Twenties in the blog I recently found, The Skeletons in my Closet.