For fun. My color chart.

Kids often ask about your favorite colors. I came to a thought that it might be useful to think that a little more profoundly. So I made this color chart about my favorite colors in clothing. Everything is more or less bluish, brownish, greenish, dusty. I also added the my top three pattern themes: dotted, checkered and striped. If I look in my closet there are only few exceptions of this formula.

What about your favorite colors and pattern themes? Is there some formula?


On the street. Waiting for the Bus, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Little by little we are seeing more trench coats on the streets of Helsinki. It's an obvious mark of the springtime.


Finnhits. MAKIA Clothing.

Last week I went to a happening for entrepreneurs in Wanha Satama, Helsinki. I went there to hear interesting entrepreneur stories like the story of Finnish street label MAKIA Clothing. I am a true fan of MAKIA! So it self-evidently belongs to my series of interesting Finnish clothing brands. You find the rest under the label Finnhits (this is second so far).

I had noted a guy with huge brown beard combined to orange Hoodie before the show started. It's not so common combination, after all. To my surprise this beard guy climbed to the stage to tell the story behind MAKIA Clothing. I must tell you they make supercool street wear. The guys behind the label are like retired snowboarders and skaters. And these garments are designed to that point, responding for a bit more mature taste. 

The catalogues are another story. The models are as well former snowboard or skater professionals. Not the prettiest boys in town. I love their attitude in all and the catalogues!

You can check out the catalogues in Makia website. And they have a web shop too, if you want to grab the thing right away. Nowadays they have the line for girls and kids too. I wish all the good happen to MAKIA Clothing!