Bon Bon Kakku, pattern competition

Play is the name for this fabric.

I call this Greyplay.
I did my first entry for Bon Bon Kakku, Vallila Interior's online competition in designing fabrics. The picture-templates are provided by Bon Bon Kakku. But the pattern design is mine. This time the theme was Functionalism. What could be more functional than
children's wooden blocs for playing? Everybody can do their own designs and vote!


On the street. Ruoholahti, Helsinki

He seemed quite ordinary while sitting in the cafeteria behind the table. But when he left I saw his boots singing with his scarf and gloves.


On the street. Cruella de Vil meets Calamity Jane

With this lady seen in Helsinki, Lauttasaari, I want to say good bye to the wintertime.
It was cold, I have to admit.