On the street. Pale boys bright hats, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

I was so amused when I spotted these tree pals hanging in font of S-market. All of them were dressed up in dark shades but still in their heads sparkled this colorful flush. 


On the street. Primary Colors, Bus 65A, Helsinki.

Wearing primary colors. Street style

Now in November, when most of people hide in black, grey and other dark shades, I was very delighted to see this guy with his primary colors.


Seasons. Peacock of the dark.

Dark, darker, darkest. That's where we are going here in Finland. Days are getting shorter and shorter. Odd peacocks like this come out from my color box. I bought a new set of Ink tense pencils. There was a peacock in the cover of it. It changed into this peacock of the dark in my mind.


Seasons. November Leaves.

El Naturalista shoes in November leaves

Almost all the leaves has left the trees. My feet can easily hide to the ground. That is why I like these El Naturalista-shoes. I'm feeling that I have walking leaves in my feet. 


On the street. Waiting For Traffic Lights, Helsinki.

street style, woolcoat
It's getting a bit colder out there and people seem to protect against it well in advance. This lady caught my eye with her mole-colored wool coat. I always love checks. Or what actually caught my eye might be the purple-colored cap on the top. Anyway the forms of the cap and coat are so great together. 


Finnhits. Globe Hope, Rokua Dress.

Globe Hope, Rokua dress
Hello there! I guess I am beginning a serie of pictures under label Finnhits. There I will comment some finnish clothing brands that I truly like. This is the first one. Here you have an autumnal image. 

This girl is wearing Globe Hope’s Rokua dress. Globe Hope makes ecological design out of recycled materials. For example this Rokua dress is made of dark blue wool-mix trousers that used to fly around the world as a part of an airhostess' uniform! What a good idea. If you want to get to know Globe Hope better, go for it here


On the street. Red in Pasila, Helsinki.

Hello there. Color red in a coat is seen in Helsinki also. I refer to my post two steps downward. Here the red is combined with light brown boots and awesome curly hair. The furry sound that was in Paul & Joe's coat collar comes here from the hair. And the contrast color is green in this case.


On the street. Bicyclist, Bridge Of Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

Bicyclist, street style

What a great and rare color for a suit, I thought when I saw this speedy bicyclist from the bus window. Later I stopped thinking the color. It reminded me of something.  At the end I realized that it was the same color I had picked to my basket last weekend in the woods. Craterellus, suppilovahvero in finnish, my favorite mushroom.

suppilovahvero, craterellus, mushroom


Catwalk. Paul & Joe, fall/winter 2011.

Hello! My answer to the question in the last post is here. I would choose these brown ankle boots from Paul & Joe. 


Catwalk. Selection Of Shoes, fall/winter 2011.

Here you have a selection of shoes for this season. Which would you like to wear? My answer will become in next post.


On the street. Curvy jeans, Railway station, Helsinki.

She matches perfectly to the Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist post the other day. He had shoot pictures for Levi's® Curve ID collection. Models represented a variety of personal styles and different curves as well. This model of mine definitely had the curves but she had also one of my favorite things for autumn. That is to say the cape.  


On the street. Mary Poppins goes Che, Kamppi, Helsinki.

I wouldn't have been surprised, if she had opened her umbrella and flied away, instead of just waiting the bus as usual.


On the street. Mr. X, Lauttasaari, Helsinki.

It's time to introduce the man whose street style I have noticed and admired over ten years. He is some kind of a mystery to me. Always walking alone in deep thoughts. Never talking to anyone. He has every time a different outfit which is always perfect for the weather, classic and same time personal. He even has a different hat every time I see him. I think he might be as well walking from Hergé's Tintin albums. He represents such timeless style to me.

I would like to tell him my admiration about his style, but he seems a bit angry, so I am still waiting for the perfect moment. I'm posting few examples of his looks now. I guess there will be more about Mr. X later on.


On the street. Nordic Walking, Casino beach, Helsinki.

I spotted this most stylish Nordic Walker ever in the event Lauttasaari Day. This sport was invented in Finland. They say that walking with poles is excellent exercise that improves your upper-body fitness. All you need are the poles and a path, and off you go. 


One day. Feeling Autumn, Helsinki.

feeling autumn
Weekend was sunny and warm and beautiful. I guess it was like farewell to summer, because when monday came, things were just the opposite. Raining and showering. Then I saw this lady with silvery raincoat and accessories. Couldn't help the autumn feeling.


On the street. Color mix, Kamppi, Helsinki.

For the first place my attention was drawn to his green bag made of narrow leather laces like basket. When I asked, he told me that he had seen the bag in Milan, but he had matured to buy it not until the next time he saw it in Rome. 


For fun. Wooden people. Kiilopää.

I spent my holiday in Lapland, in northern part of Finland. We didn't have too many toys for the kids with us. So I made these two tiny fingersized wooden dolls with a knife and pen. Just for fun.


For fun. Sun bathing on red towel.

 I have a new set of felt pens. Thin ones. Well. People, be careful with the sun. Cover up.


One day. Walking a dog, Kamppi, Helsinki.

Last week I was watching the wet city from a bus window. I got my eye on this funny white dog against all grey of the moment. Huge bright green umbrella followed this fellow. With this picture I could also make happy my six-year daughter. She has constantly asked me: Why don't you draw somebody with a dog?


On the street. Decorative heavy load, Kamppi, Helsinki.

This lady came across near bus station of Kamppi. She was quite exhausted with her heavy burden in the hot day. Nevertheless she looked fabulous in her colours, textures and bead jewellery. Her look reminded me of summer 2011 of Missoni knits mixed with Gaultier hairdo. Flavored with sensible gardening shoes. Maybe she was heading to her summer cottage?


On the street. Summer in the city, Aleksanterinkatu, Helsinki.

Hot-hot-hot last week in Helsinki. Every tenth people seemed to wear flip-flops, whatever the style otherwise is. 



Seasons. Lady June.

Hooray! Summer has landed to Finland. Let's celebrate it with Lady June.


On the street. Orange and Brown in Supermarket, Helsinki.

I always like checkered outfits. Especially when it is as total as in this case. This lady's color combination  with girlish tails and funny hat on top of it made me so glad.


Bon Bon Kakku, pattern competition vol. 2

This is my new design in Bon Bon Kakku. This time the design theme is realism. Spring is more realism now than ever. If you go for a stroll to woods right now, there it is. Actually I see this more tablecloth than curtain. But the picture template is like this. Let's be happy with that. If you like the design, you can go and vote it here.


On the street. Miss Marple, Pasila, Helsinki

I had to ask her about the corduroy coat if it was from seventies or not. Well, it wasn't. Actually it is made by Ivana Helsinki. She described he outfit of the day Miss Marple -style.


On the street. Restaurant Perho, Helsinki

I took notice of her blue toned skater style without blades. Also her hairdo was irresistible.


Play with people

Now you can see if my Play-pattern works with clothing. Or do they just look like they had dressed up in tableclothes? Feels like summer anyway.


Bon Bon Kakku, pattern competition

Play is the name for this fabric.

I call this Greyplay.
I did my first entry for Bon Bon Kakku, Vallila Interior's online competition in designing fabrics. The picture-templates are provided by Bon Bon Kakku. But the pattern design is mine. This time the theme was Functionalism. What could be more functional than
children's wooden blocs for playing? Everybody can do their own designs and vote!